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The Torso Electronics T-1 is an expressive algorithmic sequencer. Its features Euclidean rhythm generator with step editing, note repeater / arpeggiator, melody generator, 7 musical scales + 1 user scale per track, harmonic pitch control, random modulation on every parameter, 16 banks with 16 patterns per bank, USB C (midi/power), MIDI in / out / thru (TRS type A), CV & gate i/o, Ableton Link (WiFi). Inspired by legendary drum machines and sequencers of the 1980s and 1990s

T-1 algorithmic sequencer

Enter a creative dialogue with T-1, and let its musical algorithms spark your creative process, or bring it on stage to perform your musical ideas live and spice them up with variations created on-the-fly. It features 16 banks, each containing 16 patterns, and each pattern has 16 polyphonic tracks, fair enough, but what makes it unique is the inclusion of Euclidean rhythms, which involve notes or other events automatically being distributed along a sequence’s steps.

This machine speaks music

The T-1 offers a generative workflow with focus on immediacy and playful exploration. Whether on stage or in the studio, the T-1 will inspire you with fresh ideas and help you push the boundaries of your music. In short, this is a fundamental rethinking of the sequencer as a modern, fun and inspiring instrument.

The special edition was designed to celebrate the 2-year anniversary of the T-1 sequencer.

It's your instrument

The T-1 can be customized to suit your music. In fact, it is many instruments in one: Each of the T-1’s 16 tracks can be set up in one of three modes.


Compose rhythms and melodies from scratch with creative musical algorithms, and tweak them to your desire with detailed step editing.


Take absolute control over sound design with 16 CC knobs and add automation via random modulation and step editing


Create real-time midi fx to expand and transform your musical ideas. Connect a midi keyboard for hands on live performance

Connect to everything

The signal flow of any modern studio is a complex web of analog, digital and wireless signals and keeping your instruments connected and in sync can be a drain for your creativity. The T-1 solves this by communicating via MIDI, USB, analog CV and gates, Ableton Link and Wi-Fi connections with all of your gear.

Performing is composing

The T-1 is an instrument designed to be played in the here and now. Whether you are working in a studio or on stage, the path between musical inspiration and performance has never been shorter.

Make relative parameter changes on one or multiple tracks simultaneously, save the changes or return to the starting point. With the T-1, your music making process is a constantly evolving flow.


  • Works with Ableton Link. Play together with the freedom of a live band. T-1 lets you keep track of time with Ableton Link over WiFi
  • Musical scales. Lock notes into musical scales and create melodies by modulating the pitch with different melody phrases and looping random sequences
  • Randomize everything. Randomization can be added to every parameter on each track, making it possible to add slight variations or total random chaos
  • Euclidean rhythms. T-1's Euclidean rhythms, which feature embedded velocity grooves and swing, make it a powerful tool for generating a wide range of vivid and dynamic patterns
  • Arpeggiator. Add repeats on top of euclidean pulses, and apply different voicing styles, to build repeating and arpeggiating patterns
  • Auto save. Built you projects iteratively, and avoid loosing work with the auto save feature



  • Euclidean rhythm generator (w. step editing)
  • Advanced note repeater / arpeggiator
  • Melody generator
  • 7 musical scales + 1 user scale per track
  • Harmonic pitch control
  • Random modulation on every parameter


  • 16 tracks per pattern
  • 16 MIDI channels
  • Polyphony on every track


  • Auto-save
  • 16 patterns per bank
  • 16 banks


  • USB C (midi/power)
  • MIDI in / out / thru (TRS type A)
  • CV & gate i/o
  • Ableton Link (WiFi)

User Interface

  • 18 endless rotary encoders w. push
  • 23 RBG backlit silicone keypads


  • Matte black aluminium casing
  • Dimensions: L:304, W:114, H:39 mm. (11.9”, 4.5”, 1.5″)
  • Weight: 815g (1.8 lbs)

In the box

  • 1 x T-1
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x MIDI adapter (type A)