Rupert Neve Designs 5052 Shelford Mic Pre / Inductor EQ (vertical only)

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Rupert Neve Designs 5052 Shelford Mic Pre / Inductor EQ (vertical only)

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The Rupert Neve Designs Shelford 5052 - Microphone Preamplifier and Inductor EQ is part of Rupert Neve's Shelford series of modules designed to be rack mounted in a 500 series ''lunchbox'' rack and used for studio recording. The unit combines elements of the iconic Neve 1073 with a vertically-oriented mic pre, a high pass filter, and a 3-band inductor based equalizer. The device goes further with the incorporation of some of Neve's more recent innovations such as the variable silk texture control from the Portico II series as well as simultaneous pre- and post-tape operation.

The preamplifier uses a discrete class-A &plusmn,24V topology with custom-wound square-core transformers and inductors to deliver the classic Neve sound with modern performance. The preamp section includes selectable +48V phantom power for operation with condenser microphones, a polarity reverse switch, and a sweepable 20 to 250 Hz high pass filter. For changing the tonality of the sound, the pre section also includes the Portico II Silk Red/Blue and Texture controls that allow you overdrive the output of the unit with up to 5% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) to add weight and warmth to the signal with 2nd and 3rd order harmonicas.