Qu-Bit Data Bender
Qu-Bit Data Bender
Qu-Bit Data Bender
Qu-Bit Data Bender


Qu-Bit Data Bender

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Noise effects moduleThe Qu-Bit Electronix Data Bender :
  • Eurorack module
  • Digital effect
  • Simulates damaged media and old/damaged players
  • Freeze function
  • Stereophonic inputs and outputs
  • Width 14 TE / depth 28 mm
  • +12 V: 58 mA / -12 V: 60 mA

The Data Bender from Qu-Bit Electronix is an 'anti-effect module' that outlines the best-of broken media and playback devices. The module processes audio signals in stereo, both on the input and output side. Modified memory records up to five minutes and strips the material down to its bare essentials, using all manner of tricks. Jumping CDs, software errors, broken tape recorders, scratched discs- Data Bender is able to do all this and more with audio signals, comprehensively CV-controlled of course. For sound collages, sci-fi sounds and especially noise, this module is virtually unbeatable. With 12 CV, gate and clock inputs, the desired chaos can be tamed.

  • Manufacturer:QU-Bit
  • TE / HP:14
  • Depth (mm):28
  • + 12 V (mA):58
  • - 12 V (mA):60