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The Oxi Instruments One is a multi-track sequencer for MIDI, CV/Gate and DAW. The structure of the device is designed in such a way that four fully customizable sequencers are available in one device. This allows you to easily create sequencers with four devices and 32 tracks respectively, depending on the mode selected for each sequencer. There are six different modes to choose from: Multi (8 tracks, ideal for Drum tracks, for example), Chord (up to 8 voices), Mono, Polyphonic (up to 7 voices), Stochastic (randomized) and Metriceal (generative improvisation). Each sequencer can have its own timing, movement direction, and shuffle size. In addition, each sequencer has two LFOs, a looper and an arpeggiator with 15 modes and highly customizable options.

Powerful sequence operation

This is where the advanced MIDI and CV matrix comes in, allowing you to link LFOs, envelopes and sequences drawn on the pad field to over 40 internal and external modulations. This allows you to, for example, drive MIDI CCs, switch between octaves of the arpeggiator, cycle in and out the Velocity of drum tracks and, best of all, freely assign these modulations to the CV/Gate outputs!

Patterns and paths of entry

Patterns can be up to 128 steps long. Those who like to work with randomizers can set them for many functions, such as pitch, speed, gate length. The humanizer is even more detailed, deliberately including inaccuracies such as timing or triggering. Patterns can be visually organized and linked using the Live Arranger with Song Browser. Notes can be entered in real time, via the chaser input, using a connected MIDI keyboard, Euclidean sequencer (determines the frequency at which a note is triggered within the length of the sequence), drum pattern generator (based on Mutable Instruments grids; a sort of map for note triggers), and mode keyboards. The 128 RGB pads are primarily for inputting notes and visualizing functions and values. With multi-touch functionality, the entire pad field can be used as a controller for slides, X/Y input, and freehand parameter drawing.

Chord Mode

With the innovative Chord Mode, you can easily create chord progressions with numerous chord types, voicings, spreads, and bass options. Chords can be easily arpeggiated using the Chord Arpeggiator, which offers over 150 chord variations. Thanks to the practical harmonizer function, other instruments or tracks can be sequenced so that they follow the chord progressions harmoniously. The combination of Chord Mode and Harmonizer is a killer combo, it can be used to create very musical patterns without deep musical knowledge.


Anyone requiring more than one MIDI output is recommended to use the SPLIT Box, which complements the One with two additional MIDI outputs (3x MIDI Out in total) and a Thru output. The MIDI input can be used to connect a master keyboard or to sync the One as a Slave with another device. An instrument with Din Sync (eg TB-303, TR-606) or a Eurorack sequencer via a TR-TR splitter can be connected to the clock inputs and outputs using a DIN adapter. Pipe is a connection for the Eurorack module of the same name that minimizes cable clutter on the CV/Gate outputs behind One and provides greater order to the modular system. Eight CV and Gate outputs can be whatever you need: 8x Velocity and Gate for drum triggers, 2x 4 CV/Gate outputs for two four-voice modular voices, 4x CV/Gate + 4x LFO or envelope + 4 drum triggers... Except In addition, One is equipped with Bluetooth, which converts to MIDI, CV/Gate and USB and vice versa.