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The OXI Instruments Coral is Eurorack Module Digital synthesiser with 8 voices that can be divided into up to 8 parts. With selectable synthesis types (Virtual Analogue, Waveshaping, FM, Wavetable, Multi-Oscillator, String, Hi-Hat Synth, Snare Synth, Kick Synth, WAV Player, Additive, Acid and 3CVO you can create any sounds you want.

What Coral is?

OXI Coral offers 8 voices with powerful sound engines. Each voice can use up to 8 oscillators depending on the chosen engine, allowing for 64 oscillators playing simultaneously! With 8 full voices with independent filters, amplifiers, and modulation envelopes, you can set individual effect sends and parameters for each voice!

You can play polyphonically using just 1 CV and 1 Gate. Coral will allocate a new voice each time it reads a new note on the V/Oct input. You can assign different sound engines from the 10 available to each voice.

The 8 voices can be freely split into different parts. Each parameter (filter, envelope settings, engine, effect sends, pan, etc.) can be independently adjusted for each part or voice to create complex patches out of the box.

To shape a diverse tone, you can add overdrive to your samples, enhance them with the filter and envelopes, change the pitch up and down, and even modulate the sample or folder in real time using CV inputs or CC MIDI commands. Each effect send can be adjusted for each voice.

You can also load any WAV file wavetables to the SD card for the Wavetable engine. The wavetable can be morphed in 3 dimensions. To create and edit 3D wavetables, you can use the OXI Wave APP. The device supports almost any 16-, 24-, and 32-bit mono and stereo WAV files without limits on playback time.

You can control any parameter with MIDI CC, including effect sends and sample selection.

The Coral modular synthesizer supports MPE technology, turning it into a full-fledged 8-voice polyphonic MPE synthesizer.


  • 8 full voice, 8 oscillators
  • Massive sound
  • Polyphonic
  • Multiengine
  • Multipart
  • Sample playback
  • Custom wavetables
  • MIDI integration
  • Effects
  • MPE support
  • Work with OXI WAVE App
  • Perfect companion for the OXI One or any other polyphonic and multitrack sequencer



  • 14 Hp
  • 3 cm deep


  • Black anodized aluminum with color silkprint.


  • +12V - 110 mA
  • -12V - 10 mA
  • +5V - 0 mA


  • 2x Mono DC coupled outputs (±5 V)


  • 1x MIDI TRS (Type A and B compatible).
  • 8x CV inputs ±5 V (±10V max).
  • 1x Gate input