Nord Stage 4 88
Nord Stage 4 88
Nord Stage 4 88
Nord Stage 4 88
Nord Stage 4 88
Nord Stage 4 88
Nord Stage 4 88
Nord Stage 4 88
Nord Stage 4 88
Nord Stage 4 88
Nord Stage 4 88
Nord Stage 4 88
Nord Stage 4 88
Nord Stage 4 88
Nord Stage 4 88

Nord Clavia

Nord Stage 4 88

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Stage piano for stage and studioOverview
  • 88 hammer-action keysTriple
  • hammer-action sensory keyboard with
  • aftertouchWorking
  • wheel
  • for stage and studioEasy
  • operationTransparent
  • graphic
  • layoutPitch stick made of woodRemoved
  • modulation wheelGeneration of
  • organ sounds,
  • piano and synthesizers + effects512
  • programs8
  • live programs directly accessible3
  • split zones, including crossfades2
  • individual layer scene settings4
  • assignable
  • outputsMonitor input
  • Supply
  • connectors
  • for multiple pedals

Organ section

  • layers/parts

  • Tonewheel,
  • B3 Bass, Vox, Farisa &amp, 2 pipe organ models9
  • drawbars with LED strips

  • Live/Preset
  • modeVibrato/ChorusPercussionRotary
  • effect

Piano section

  • 120 voices

  • layers/partsGrand
  • , Upright, Electric, Digital,
  • Layer &amp, Clav/Harpsichord3
  • selectable keyboard velocity
  • curvesPiano
  • with custom
  • settingsSwitchable
  • string resonance &amp, Soft release piano2
  • GB of memory for Nord sample library

Synthesizer section

  • 46 voices

  • layers/partsSynthesis
  • :
  • Virtual Analog, Samples, FM &amp, Wavetables6
  • filter modes + drive3
  • ADR envelopes for Pitch, VCF, VCA1
  • LFO for Pitch / OSC CTRL / Filtrztrzłożony
  • arpeggiator1
  • GB memory for Nord sample library

Layer effects

  • modulation effects with 2x6 effects (chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary, ring modulator, spin, wah....)

  • Amplifier simulator / EQ with switchable LP/HPDelay filter
  • with 2x5 modes, including clock sync and vintage effectsVoice
  • with 2x6
  • reverb
  • effectsCompressor

Clavia Nord Stage 4 88 at a glance With the Nord Stage 4 88 , Clavia introduces the fourth Generation of the popular Stage piano in eye-catching chimney red. With its high-quality workmanship, clear control panel and sparingly used double assignments , the Nord Stage 4 is guaranteed to play live and flawlessly achieve the desired sound. The extremely playable 88-key keyboard with hammer action is equipped with Triple Sensor technology for responsive playing and aftertouch . The instrument is seven times multitimbral , so seven parts or layers can be used at the same time! The parts consist of two organs, two pianos and three synths , the number of voices is different for each section. Added to this is an extensive effects processor with a layered structure , which can spice up and/or bend any sound with up to six effects simultaneously. That the Nord Stage 4 is a real workhorse for stage and studio , is evidenced by the assignable keys for direct access to programmes, three divider zones including crossfades for distributing sounds across the keyboard, and scene morphing , which allows you to change sound sets as unobtrusively as possible.

The organ section includes excellent Clavia simulations - B3 Tonewheel, B3 Bass, classic Vox and Farisa


, as well as two pipe organ models


The central controls in this section are nine drawbars with LED strips . To prevent the sound from accidentally shifting on stage, it is possible to switch between Live and Preset mode , with the latter disabling the faders. Elementary sound nuances, such as vibrato/chorus or percussion , have their own controls and can be directly accessed without the shift function. The popular rotary effect is sufficiently adjustable in the slow/fast/stop and distortion range and gives especially jazz organs the necessary funkiness.

Two layers/parties can be played at the same time.


The piano section in Nord Stage 4 contains


new and expanded collection of pianos, upright pianos and electric pianos from the exclusive Clavia piano library, combined with new features such as Dynamic Compression and Unison . The piano section memory holds 2GB of piano sounds, which can be exchanged on demand using Nord Sound Manager on your computer. P olyphony is set appropriately high at 120 voices , so that fading notes are not cut off even when playing faster. Two layers of respectively Parts can be used here simultaneously.

Details such as adjustable velocity , switchable string resonance or soft release , as well as five different timbre variants give the player everything he needs to achieve the desired piano sound in the shortest possible time.


The synthesiser section in Nord Stage 4 is more in-depth than the reduced to essential control panel would suggest


First of all, this section offers three layers respectively Parts , which can be used simultaneously, share a stately 46 voices and have access to the 1GB Nord Sample Library . In terms of sound generation forms, everything that musicians most often need is available: Virtual Analog (classic waveforms including shaper, Hardsync and noise), samples , FM and wavetables . The digital filter sounds simply superb and provides six selectable filter modes with switchable Drive: Moog lowpass, 12/24db lowpass, bandpass, highpass and combined LP/BP shape the sound as desired. Of course, there is also no shortage of classic modulation sources. Three ADR envelopes for pitch, VCF and VCA, as well as an LFO , which can be routed to pitch, Osc Ctrl or filter, provide a variety of sounds. The voice distribution can be set individually with polyphonic, mono, Legato or unison , depending on the Patch. In addition, vibrato can be triggered from one of five modulation sources.

The synthesiser section is completed by an extensive arpeggiator , which, in addition to the usual playback patterns with different patterns, also has a special poly mode and


gate mode , which is perfect for 90s trance/hardtrance melodies, among other things.


Clavia's most versatile effects processor to date has been implemented in Nord Stage 4. The name Layer Effects almost gives it away: the effects structure can be activated separately for each sound-generating section. There are two effect blocks which are primarily modulation effects , such as Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Rotary, Ring Modulator, Spin or Wah , for example. Amp Simulator / EQ more than lives up to its name by adding Lowpass and Highpass Filter to the options instead of mid-band. This effects block is essential for distinctive organ sounds! The delay is widely adjustable, can be synchronised with Clock, and even supports very short delays that were used in vintage effects units for Chorus or band effects, among others. Reverb scores with six reverb effects, from small room to cathedral, and even includes a spring reverb for Schepper's iconic reverbs. The character of the sound is switchable between Bright and Dark. The effects section ends with a 2-parameter compressor - percussion sounds and sum (global) in particular benefit from this simple way to add punch. With the exception of the compressor, each effect or effect block is equipped with a variation , which ultimately means twice as many effects are available.

  • Manufacturer:ClaviaConstruction
  • / Number of Keys:88Keyboard
  • Hammer actionVelocity
  • sensitive:YesSound
  • Generation:DigitalArpeggiator
  • YesAftertouch
  • YesAdjustable
  • Velocity Curve:YesNumber
  • of Faders:16Number
  • of Knobs:31Pitchbend
  • , Modwheel
  • Pitchbend and ModwheelDisplay
  • YesUSB
  • MIDI Interface:YesHeadphone
  • Connection:YesSustain
  • Pedal Connection:YesMIDI
  • Interface:YesLINE
  • OUT:YesCC
  • Pedal Connection:
  • YesVolume
  • Pedal Connection:YesPedal
  • included:NoWeight
  • (kg):19,6Integrated
  • Effects Processor:YesNumber
  • of Sounds:512Keyboard
  • Split:YesPower
  • Supply:Adapter, internalWidth
  • (
  • cm):128,2Height
  • (cm
  • ):12,1Depth
  • (cm):
  • 34
  • ,
  • 9