Moog Spectravox
Moog Spectravox
Moog Spectravox
Moog Spectravox
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Moog Spectravox

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Moog Spectravox is a semi-modular analog synthesizer-vocoder with VCO, white noise generator, and 10 variable resonance filters.

Spectravox, using an analog spectral processor based on a 10-band filter, is capable of creating drones and tonal shifts, as well as adding resonant depth and spectral shifting to any external sound. Connect a microphone, and Spectravox becomes a 10-band analog vocoder with integrated modulation of all its filters.

Unlike the fixed filters used in vintage synthesizers, Spectravox's filters are not static and will collectively move through the frequency space, allowing for voltage-controlled spectral animation and bright shifts reminiscent of phasers.

In vocoder mode, its 10 analyzing filters project the timbral characteristics of any external sound onto any other sound. Shape the warm analog oscillator of Spectravox with the dynamics of your voice or use a drum machine to animate guitar chords.

Spectravox uses 10 filters with variable characteristics that can be moved under the control of its internal LFO or external control voltage. By being able to accentuate vowel sounds using the Hiss and Buzz features of the 16-channel Moog vocoder, Spectravox is a significant step forward for analog filter banks.

Key features and specifications:
- Moog analog oscillator and white noise generator
- 10-band analog vocoder
- 10 voltage-controlled variable resonance filters: 1 low-pass filter, 8 bandpass filters, 1 high-pass filter
- Input via combined 1/4 inch/XLR jack
- XLR input supports dynamic microphones
- Modulation matrix with 19 inputs and 17 outputs
- Dimensions 32.5 x 20.8 x 16.8 cm
- Weight 1.5 kg