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Analogue stereo oscillator
  • 11 waveforms (5 mono, 3 stereo pairs)
  • Stereo PWM
  • Stereo Wavefolding
  • Stereo Vari-Timbre
  • Sine, triangle, sawtooth, spike, sub
  • Special mono variations on the left channel
  • Left and right sides can be modulated together or separately
  • Centre parameter affects both sides
  • Hard sync input
  • Linear FM (with normalized partial waveform) &amp, VCA
  • Exponential FM
Make Noise XPO at a glanceXPOfrom

Make Noise akaStereoPrismatic Oscillator is an analogue tone generator for true stereo patches. The XPO provides eleven waveforms simultaneously, divided into five pairs of mono and three pairs of stereo. The mono waveforms, which are the normal waveforms of a normal oscillator, consist of sine, triangle, sawtooth, spike and sub. The latter is a variation from the STO oscillator. The three stereo pairs consist of PWM, wavefolding and Vari-Timbre for the left and right sides respectively. The PWM does exactly what it is supposed to do, as expected. The Vari-Timbre is inspired by old Buchla oscillators such as the Model 158 and 258 and can go from sine to sawtooth. Wavefold also takes sine as its source material, adding metallic-looking overtones to the signal by folding the waves. For each waveform, there is a variation on the normalised left channel, which is a mixture of left and right waveforms. The Centre parameter modulates left and right together, and in addition each side can be bipolar modulated separately using Modulate L/R. At this point, a very wide and vivid sound spectrum is created, which is probably unique in this form to date. For frequency modulation there is an exponential FM with Attenuverter and a linerar FM input. The latter already has a pre-patched XPO sub-oscillator on the input and can be replaced by any other signal. In addition, the intensity of the linerar FM can be controlled by the VCA. Pitch control


supplemented by a hardsync input.

The basic idea behind the XPO is that some polyphonic analogue synthesisers from then until now offer voice panning as part of the voice architecture, but the stereo image is realised in or behind the VCA. XPO takes a completely new approach and offers a stereo signal path at the very beginning and adds wavefolding and vari-shape to classic PWM. The best results with XPO are obtained by combining it with Make Noise - QPAS and X-PAN modules. Of course, any other patching option is recommended, especially with stereo modules, to emphasise the stereo properties of XPO.

  • Manufacturer:Make Noise
  • TE / HP:18
  • Depth (mm):45
  • + 12 V (mA):145
  • - 12 V (mA):135