Make Noise Qpas
Make Noise Qpas
Make Noise Qpas
Make Noise Qpas
Make Noise Qpas
Make Noise Qpas
Make Noise Qpas

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Make Noise Qpas

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Quad Peak Animation System ( QPAS)

QPAS from Make Noise is an analogue filter , which has been developed with a special focus on filtering in stereo images . On the left and right side there are separate outputs for Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass and Smilepass , the latter has special resonant behaviour - the inputs are also designed in stereo. Basically, the filter core generates two peaks at the same time, which are split into slightly offset outputs. Particularly noteworthy are the beautiful formant and vocal filters , which can easily be achieved with this module. Just put a low-tuned sawtooth oscillator on the input, patch in some slow LFO triangles and enjoy the organic and lively result!

In short: "Make QPAS noise":
  • Eurorack module
  • Analogue stereo filter
  • Four-fold filter core
  • Fast FM response
  • Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass &amp, Smilepass
  • Frequency animation via trigger signal
  • Stereo VCA before filter
  • 18 TE width / 30 mm depth
  • +12 V: 166 mA / -12 V: 190 mA
Make Noise QPASMake Noise QPAS Stereo Modular Synth Wonderpanel DemoBenefits:
  • Manufacturer:Make Noise
  • TE / HP:18
  • Depth (mm):30
  • + 12 V (mA):166
  • - 12 V (mA):190
  • Lowpass:Yes
  • Bandpass:Yes
  • Highpass:Yes
  • Notch:Yes