Make Noise 0-COAST
Make Noise 0-COAST
Make Noise 0-COAST
Make Noise 0-COAST
Make Noise 0-COAST
Make Noise 0-COAST
Make Noise 0-COAST
Make Noise 0-COAST
Make Noise 0-COAST
Make Noise 0-COAST

Make Noise

Make Noise 0-COAST

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Patchable Mono Synthesizer

Make Noise 0-COAST by is a patchable mono synthesizer that combines West Coast (Buchla) and East Coast (Moog) synthesis techniques into one flexible instrument. The name is intended to mean that the O-Coast can do both, so no coast is firmly assigned, say 'No Coast', or 'Zero Coast'.

The synthesis techniques on the 0-Coast consist essentially of classical elements. The synthesiser is designed to work both with and without patch cables. The result is an expressive and unique MonoSynth. With the MIDI controller of your choice, you can extend the sound spectrum to new and breathtaking dimensions.

With the help of patch cables, playing the synthesiser becomes more scientific, and the joy of experimentation occurs when connecting circuits. Basically, you can even do without MIDI to switch to analogue sidebands and FM-induced harmonics.

With just one glance, you can see Noise 0-Coast :
  • two MIDI-CV and MIDI-to-Gate channels
  • Voltage (CV) control of all circuits
  • Patchable with 13 sources and 14 destinations
  • Compatible with Eurorack modular signal synthesisers
  • Synchronisation with MIDI clock
  • Dual-mode MIDI-controlled arpeggiator
  • Triple-core Analogue VCO
  • Unique transistor-based Low Pass Gate Dynamics
  • External audio input
  • Headphone and line level amplifier
  • small and robust steel housing
  • Mains adapter included
  • including connecting cables
Make Noise 0-COAST Semi-Modular Synth DemoBenefits:
  • Manufacturer:Make Noise
  • Construction / Number of Keys:Desktop without keyboard
  • Velocity sensitive:Yes
  • Sound Generation:Analog
  • Polyphony:1
  • Number of Knobs:18
  • Number of Keys:3
  • MIDI Interface:Yes
  • LINE OUT:Yes
  • Headphone connection:Yes
  • Power Supply:Adapter, external
  • incl. Power Adapter:Yes
  • Width (cm):23
  • Height (cm):2
  • Depth (cm):14
  • Weight (kg):0.8