KEMPER Profiler Amplifier PowerHead
KEMPER Profiler Amplifier PowerHead
KEMPER Profiler Amplifier PowerHead
KEMPER Profiler Amplifier PowerHead


KEMPER Profiler Amplifier PowerHead

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The next generation modelling amplifier!
  • Jack input 1/4'' (6.35 mm), unbalanced1/4'' (6.35 mm)
  • Alternate input, balanced with ground
  • XLR return, balanced
  • Monitor Out Master Out (jack and XLR)
  • 5-pin DIN MIDI connector for In/Out/Thru
  • 2x 6.35mm Stereo jack for footswitch or expression pedal
  • RL45 mains connector
  • USB 2.0 USB-A and USB-B
  • S/PDIF digital input and output
  • Class-D power amplifier designed by IcePower 600 W at 8 Ohm, respectively 300 W at 16 Ohm
  • 6.18 kg
Kemper Profiler at a glance

The Kemper Power Head


turning the global guitar scene upside down. The initially inconspicuous-looking mouse-grey lunchbox not only convinces die-hard supporters of tube sound, but, thanks to its breathtakingly authentic profiling technology, revolutionises the concert life of many musicians as well as recording studio work. Ultimately, the Kemper makes it possible to enjoy a finely tuned studio sound, including an extensive effects section, in all possible areas of application, from the home bedroom to the international festival stage. The Power version of the KPA also features an integrated Class D power amplifier with 600 W at 8 ohms and 300 W at 16 ohms. The Power Head offers even more flexibility with virtual stompbox effects and effective tone control, so nothing stands in the way of perfect guitar tone. A remote-controlled floorplate is available as an option, allowing you to control internal functions while playing your electric guitar.

Routing example for creating your own amp profiles with the Kemper profiling amplifier.Lamp-free tube sound thanks to profilingDespite

the complex algorithms in the background, the principle of profiling can be explained quite simply: After cranking up the home amplifier to a golden tone and finding the right ''sweet spot'' for the microphone, the Kemper Profiler is connected between the guitar and the amplifier. The microphone signal is then received via the Kemper's feedback input and compared with the raw signal from the guitar. The determined difference results in the authentic DNA of the original. Once Kemper has determined the amplifier's response for each frequency, the profile can be ''refined'' with your own guitar signal to adapt the created profile to your own playing style.

Using the effects section of the Kemper

Profiling Amplifier

, up to four effects can be managed simultaneously.Large effects section with deep Level editing

To further refine the sound, the Kemper Profiling Amplifier is equipped with a range of popular pedalboard classics - from screaming overdrive and experimental modulation effects to delay effects for wide leads. Of course, all routing and editing options for individual parameters are available to the player at the Deep Level edit level.

Ideal for recording electric guitar in the recording studio.

Because of its ability to play any combination of guitar amp, speaker


and microphone,


Kemper Profiler is extremely popular in professional recording studios. The Kemper Amp is always practical when a guitar part recording is to be added or replaced later during music production.


an electric guitar


chain with an amplifier together with a microphone recording in the conventional way is cumbersome and requires working with millimetre precision.

If a studio guitarist is not always available on site - no problem: if he has the Kemper Amp and the Kemper Amp profile of the original recording chain with him, he can record the new part virtually anywhere. He re-records his electric guitar with the profiler in his home studio and can record the music with his computer. The recording is then sent to the producer as an audio file - job done!

The Kemper

Power Head is a brilliant tool for anyone who wants to record modern electric guitar in their own recording studio and also live or on stage to always have their best g itar sounds ready. All you need is the right Kemper Amp Profiles - and you can create these yourself or exchange them with other users via the Internet.

Powerful 600-watt IcePower Class

DW amplifier For a proper and expressive live sound, the amplifier is equipped with a 600-watt IcePower Class D amp


This allows the power version of the profiling amplifier to act as a class top on stage or in the rehearsal room and play with 8 or 16 Ohm speakers.

Kemper Rig Exchange: Brothers or soundIf

you want to play guitar with a Kemper amplifier without having to own a sinfully expensive Marshall kit, you can rely on the ever-growing Kemper community! Here, an incredible number of Kemper Profiler sounds of various amps, speakers and microphones are listed and offered for free download. Of course, Profiler fans and enthusiasts have access to

the Kemper

Rig Exchange and the well-visited user forum, where questions, answers, tips and tricks about KPA can be exchanged daily.

  • Manufacturer:Kemper
  • Design:Lunchbox
  • Power Output (watts):600
  • Connection for External Speaker:Yes
  • Headphone Connection:6.3mm
  • AUX Input:No
  • Effects loop:serial
  • Internal Effects:Yes
  • Connection for Expression Pedal:2x 6.35mm TRS
  • Foot Switch Connection:2x 6.35mm TRS
  • Recording Output:XLR Main L/R, Monitor, Direct
  • MIDI Interface:IN/OUT/THRU, 5-Pin
  • USB Connection:USB 2.0 USB-A, USB-B
  • Length (mm):173
  • Width (mm):378
  • Height (mm):217
  • Weight (kg):6.5