Expressive E Touche
Expressive E Touche
Expressive E Touche
Expressive E Touche
Expressive E Touche
Expressive E Touche
Expressive E Touche


Expressive E Touche

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Expressive E Touche is a controller for managing hardware and software instruments via MIDI, CV, and USB, featuring a 4-axis touch panel and 250 presets for controlling popular music equipment.

Use gestures to animate the sound of your hardware and software synthesizers. For example, press Touché to activate the filter on your hardware synthesizer, or gently tilt the pad to add an arpeggiator to your favorite software synthesizer. This standalone MIDI controller translates gestures into MIDI, CV, or USB data, allowing you to modulate any sound from delicate touches to hard strikes.

Touché comes with over 250 presets of hardware synthesizers, providing instant control over factory presets included in most popular synthesizers. The controller can operate completely autonomously, controlling MIDI or CV equipment without being connected to a computer.

You can customize the appearance of Touché with a range of alternative touch panels, which can be purchased separately. Additionally, various types of cylinders are available to control how Touché responds to pressure. The Shore 40 Pink Cylinder is included in the package and is suitable for a wide range of gestures, soft or hard, smooth or percussive. However, for those interested in a softer or harder response, the manufacturer offers a range of other cylinders.

Touché comes with powerful software called lié for managing settings and functions. lié allows you to browse the built-in sound library of 250 presets, load any third-party plugins, map them with Touché and Touché SE, or map hardware (for Touché only), and customize Touché sensitivity to your liking. The controller also comes with a professionally designed sound library UVI Workstation.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility with any software or hardware synthesizer
  • Internal memory for controlling hardware synthesizers without a computer
  • Integration with the most popular hardware and VST instruments
  • Durable monoblock construction with multiple interchangeable moving parts
  • Interchangeable touch panel and control cylinder
  • Library with 250 presets
  • lié software for managing settings and functions
  • UVI Workstation sound library
  • 1/8" MIDI input and output
  • 4 CV jacks 1/8" -10 V to 10 V
  • Dimensions 246 x 100 x 62 mm