Erica Synths LXR Drum Module
Erica Synths LXR Drum Module
Erica Synths LXR Drum Module

Erica Synths

Erica Synths LXR Drum Module

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Digital drum synthesizer module
  • Eurorack synthesiser module LXR-02 Drum
  • Digital Drum Synthesizer
  • 6 tracks/voices
  • sound quality 44kHz / 16 bit
  • more than 30 parameters per track
  • Effects section
  • Integrated sequencer
  • MicroSD slot
  • 7 trigger inputs
  • 6 Accent/Velocity inputs
  • 5 CV inputs
  • 4 assignable audio outputs
Drum synthesiser Demo PlaylistErica Synths LXR Drum Module at a glance

LXR Drum


from Erica Synths is


Eurorack version of the same company


LXR-02 Drum synthesiser with numerous control voltage inputs. Like the desktop unit, the six-track Eurorack module was developed in close collaboration with Sonic Potions. Each of the six tracks can be adjusted in detail using more than 30 parameters, covering a wide range of (emulated) analogue drums, myriad sounds of hard industrial character and those sounds best described as ''artifact-rich chaos sounds''. Three of the tracks are also ideal for creating bass lines ! The synthesis consists of VA (virtual analogue) and FM elements and can be modulated in complex ways. The envelopes, LFOs, Velocity and five CV inputs can be freely assigned to any destination, resulting in particularly varied and dynamic sounds. In addition, each track has a resonant multi-mode filter and insert effects such as Bitcrusher or Wavefolder, for example. Higher up is the master effects processor, which can handle Flanger and Delay, among others.


four audio outputs can be defined as stereo pairs or freely assignable individual outputs.

  • Manufacturer:Erica Synths
  • TE / HP:28
  • Depth (mm):35
  • + 12 V (mA):88
  • - 12 V (mA):10