Elektron Digitone


Elektron Digitone

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Elektron Digitone is a

digital 8-voice,



in desktop format. It combines FM synthesis with a classic subtractive signal path , making it ideal for creating unique sounds. Naturally, the Digitone fits into a computer-assisted music kit.

The perfect addition to the soundWith its

8 digitally generated voices, the Digitone offers a perfect complement to Electron's previous synthesisers and consistently adds to the sound palette.
The Digitone is therefore perfectly suited as a melody synthesiser, for arpeggios and for playing chords.
Digitone has a lot to offer in terms of sound, with a palette of sounds ranging from crystal-clear FM to dirty, distorted sound collages rich in sonority.
The FM synthesis, which seems rather complex due to its many parameters, is simplified through meaningful selection and combination. This is followed by a versatile multi-mode filter for further sound shaping and modelling.
The sound is rounded off by high-quality send and overdrive effects in the main channel.

Electronic sequencerOf course, the

Digitone is equipped with an electron sequencer. In terms of sequencer functionality and operation, Elektron has set the standard by which everyone must measure themselves. Parameter locks like automation per step, sound or setting changes per step are just the most familiar features.

Electron Digitone at a glance:
  • 8-part polyphony
  • Variety of FM algorithms
  • Multi-mode filter per voice
  • 2 LFOs per voice
  • 4 synthesiser tracks
  • 4 MIDI tracks
  • Arpeggiator per track
  • Polyphonic sequencer
  • Send-FX: Panaromic Chorus, Saturator Delay, Supervoid Reverb
  • Master overdrive effect
Digital-digital demonstrationExamples of electronic digital audio signalBenefits:
  • Manufacturer:Elektron
  • Construction / Number of Keys:Desktop without keyboard
  • Velocity sensitive:Yes
  • Sound Generation:Digital
  • Arpeggiator:Yes
  • Number of Knobs:10
  • Number of Keys:45
  • Display:Yes
  • USB MIDI Interface:Yes
  • USB AUDIO Interface:Yes
  • Headphone Connection:Yes
  • Mounting Options:MIDI Step Sequencer
  • Storage Media:Internal Flash Drive
  • MIDI Interface:IN/OUT/THRU, 5-Pin
  • LINE IN:Yes
  • LINE OUT:Yes
  • Including Power Adapter:Yes
  • Weight (kg):1.49
  • Integrated Effects Processor:Yes
  • Number of Sounds:512
  • Polyphony:8
  • Power Supply:Adapter, external
  • Width (cm):21.5
  • Height (cm):6.3
  • Depth (cm):17.6
  • Colour:Black