Black Corporation DECKARD’S VOICE
Black Corporation DECKARD’S VOICE
Black Corporation DECKARD’S VOICE

Black Corporation

Black Corporation DECKARD’S VOICE

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CS-80 Synth VoiceBlack Corporation Deckard's Voice at a Glance:
  • Eurorack module
  • Synth Voice
  • Monophonic
  • 1/16th Deckard's Dream
  • VCO with sine, sawtooth and rectangle
  • PWM with its own LFO
  • Noise generator
  • 12dB HPF and LPF with resonance
  • LFO with 6 waveforms and 3 target locations
  • ADSR envelope for VCA
  • ADR envelope for VCF
  • 32 TE width
Black Corporation Deckard's Voice // Dreamy Eurorack Synth VoiceThe

Black Corporation


has with Deckard 's Voice the perfect Synth Voice from Deckard's Dream for Eurorack users. The rich and classic analogue sound module delivers all the sounds you know and appreciate from the 1970s Boliden Yamaha CS-80 known and appreciated. Numerous inputs and outputs for audio signals and control voltages allow applications far beyond the capabilities of a simple amplifier. Deckard's Dream CS-80. depending on the setting, the filter tends to produce vocal sounds.


addition of amplitude modulation transforms the overall sound into a whole new dimension.

The Synthvoice

monophonic Synthvoice, which at no point differs in sound or hardware from the rack version, loses nothing that makes the CS-80's sound so special. The powerful oscillator generates sine, sawtooth and square waves in parallel. A separate LFO is used to modulate the pulse width of the square wave. In addition, a noise generator can be mixed in. The three waveforms, including the noise, have individual outputs and even a mix output. The rich fundamental sound is processed using series-connected, resonant high-pass and low-pass filters with a 12 dB slope. A VC-LFO with six waveforms is permanently assigned to the VCO, VCF and VCA destinations and can be assigned to other destinations via its own CV output. An ADR envelope is provided for filter control, the level for the VCA is set using the ADSR envelope. Both envelopes have their own CV outputs.

  • Manufacturer:Black Corporation
  • TE / HP:32
  • Depth (mm):38
  • + 12 V (mA):110
  • - 12 V (mA):30