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Audio interface 20 In / 24 OutOverview
  • High-quality audio interface for Mac and PC
  • 4x Audient Console Class A microphone preamplifiers
  • 2x ADAT &amp, Outputs inputs for digital expansion
  • 2x discrete JFET instrument inputs
  • 2x balanced inputs
  • 1x independent headphone output
  • 1x dual independent headphone outputs
  • Main and alto speaker outputs
  • Audio Loopback
  • ScrollControl
  • 3x user-definable function buttons
  • Talkback, Dim and Cut controls
  • +48V phantom power, pad and HPF switch
  • DSP mixer
  • Word Clock output
  • Stand-alone mode
  • USB 2.0 compatible
  • 24bit/96kHz
  • Robust metal construction
  • For Mac &amp, PC
  • Software and plug-in pack included

Audient introduces the iD44 MK2 , a worthy successor to the popular audio interface , bringing many improvements along with classic features: enjoy improved audio performance , audio loopback functionality , dual headphone outputs , top-of-the-range converters and preamps and a beautiful new 'smoke grey ' finish !

Audient console microphone preampsAs

usual with other Audient models, the console microphone preamps feature the same discrete circuit design as the ASP8024-HE recording console. So crystal-clear recordings with an analogue touch, low distortion and extremely low noise are pre-programmed! Get the professional sound you've always dreamed of.

Converter in its classWith a

dynamic range of 126dB, the iD44 converters are ideal for detailed and natural instrument and vocal recordings. You'll hear every nuance, identify problem frequencies and make it even easier to make the right decisions when mixing your tracks.


MK2 version even improves the THD+N value of the ADC by a full 9dB, resulting in even cleaner audio recordings with less noise and distortion.

More channels, more freedomEasily

expand your recording setup via ADAT / SPDIF and configure your sessions to suit your needs. With an additional Hardware page and the iD44, you can connect up to 16 channels, making it easy to record entire ensembles or large drum kits.

Balanced insertsIf

you like to integrate your favourite external effects, you can now do so with insert returns, as well as gain direct access to the A/D converters. The clean signal path is ideal for playing back reflections or integrating line-level external audio sources.

  • Tracking with hardware FX effects
  • Mixing with hardware FX
  • Recording of external microphone preamps
  • Bypassing built-in microphone preamps
Plug &amp, PlayDo you play

guitar or bass? Perfect - the iD44 is designed to emulate the input stage of a classic tube amplifier and features two harmonic-rich JFET instrument inputs. This provides the optimum sonic foundation for your instruments before you start tinkering with the overall sound using amp simulation.




allows you to easily create low latency direct monitoring, create up to four Stereo cue mixes for artists, name and customise channels, save layout templates, assign hotkeys to the Hardware side and set up advanced routing on the fly

.Audio loopback

The audio loopback feature is useful for all users who want to record audio from their computer, stream it to a live site, record game audio and collaborate on mixes with others. With just a few steps, you can create your own audio channel for your fans and/or friends, whether it's for streaming, podcasts or work.



If you work in multiple rooms, you'll love the dedicated talkback technology used in the iD44. Use any audio source connected to your computer (such as the built-in microphone or a USB microphone) to talk back to your artists and save your precious preamps microphone for recording.

Advanced monitor controller

Streamline your workflow with three programmable function buttons, assigning commands such as Speaker Select, Mono Sum, Polarity Reverse or Cue Mix Monitoring.

Speaker outputs

Want to compare your mixes on two pairs of monitors? With two stereo outputs, there's nothing stopping you! Alternatively, you can use the second stereo output to send the audio signal to an external headphone amplifier to provide sound for your next artists.

Headphone outputs

Do you have Studio guests at work? The iD44 is equipped with two individual Stereo headphone amplifiers that provide enough power for different types of headphones. It is also practical to have a third headphone output with a small stereo jack, which allows you to continue working even if you lose your adapter and connect additional models.


The iD44 Volume knob transforms into a virtual scroll wheel, providing control over a range of on-screen parameters. Features include selecting settings, adjusting faders and even entering automation.