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3-way studio monitor for mid-range applicationsOverview
  • Precision studio monitor for medium-sized studios
  • 2x7" MLM woofer
  • 3.5" MLM midrange speaker
  • X-ART rotatable tweeter + HPS waveguide
  • AD converter: 24-bit
  • Internal sampling rate: 96 kHz
  • RMS: 250 W (woofer) + 70 W (midrange) + 20 W (tweeter)
  • Crossover frequency: 400 Hz, 3.0 kHz
  • Power consumption: 500 W max.
  • 1x XLR input, balanced
  • 1x Cinch input, unbalanced
  • M8 thread for easy mounting of the loudspeaker using appropriate mounting solutions
  • weight: 20.5 kg
  • dimensions (H x W x D): 23.6 x 53.1 x 35 cm

The A77H from ADAM Audio is the logical development of the A77X studio monitor. This 3-way loudspeaker sets new standards in detail and spatial reproduction, and the combination of analogue and digital functions offers more possibilities for professional work.

On board are two 7-inch woofers, a midrange driver and ADAM Audio's X-ART tweeters, which provide the widest frequency range in the A Series. The additional midrange driver provides precise reproduction in the midrange, which is particularly sensitive to the human ear.


special feature of the successor is not only the rotatable HPS waveguide, but also the various DSP functions that help configure the loudspeaker in the room. Or simple and quick EQ interventions, remote control


software or extensive calibration via external measurement microphones with Sonarworks software (not included) - you have a choice.

X-ART tweeter and rotatable HPS waveguide

.Thanks to the ADAM Audio HPS waveguide, you get precisely directed sound with wide horizontal dispersion and tight vertical focus. Made from an innovative high-density glass-fibre polymer material, it minimises unwanted resonances, resulting in a clearer sound image. The tweeter can be rotated 90 degrees, allowing the monitor to be used either vertically or horizontally, without losing the benefits of the waveguide.

At the centre of the HPS waveguide is the so-called X-ART tweeter - handcrafted in Germany and guaranteeing maximum impulse response and sound detail.

Woofer made of multi-layered mineral materialThe

bass drivers in each A-series speaker consist of multiple closely bonded layers of mineral fibre material, which is characterised by low Gewicht and maximum rigidity. Specially tailored to each speaker model and combined with a similarly newly developed magnet system, each bass driver delivers high volume levels with minimal distortion - optimally for clear and powerful Bass during reproduction.

Midrange diaphragmThe

highly acclaimed DHC midrange driver from the high-end S series provides exceptionally clear reproduction, especially in the midrange, where the ear is particularly sensitive to tonal colorations. In addition, the woofer is de-emphasised in the mid-frequency reproduction, so that clear mid-range tones can be accurately reproduced.

The best of digital and analogue solutionsThe



, driven by class-D power amplifiers, are ideally suited for linear performance and minimal distortion. The power amplifiers used are characterised by high efficiency and low heat dissipation, while at the same time creating potential for further improvements and even higher performance.

Class AB power amplifiers are used for the tweeters and, depending on the model, also for the midrange speakers, which are known for their particularly neutral high-frequency reproduction


DSP technology

Compared to purely analogue loudspeakers, the A series models offer significantly better and wider tuning capabilities. Thanks to the integrated DSP processor, the loudspeakers can be easily connected via Ethernet and benefit from the latest firmware updates. This ensures that the latest filter types, presets and more are always available.

A four-band EQ with parameters for Bass, Pulpit, Presence and Treble allows more than 100 variants of fine-tuning, so that the speakers can be adapted to the most demanding listening environments in seconds


Another practical feature is the possibility of remote control via A Control Remote software. In this way, the volume and all settings can be conveniently adjusted, completely independent of the position of the monitor. Particularly in multi-functional studio rooms, the quick reconfiguration of all monitor functions using the A Control software is particularly useful.

However, if you prefer to calibrate your setup using a measurement microphone and the popular Sonarworks software (both not included), you can do so without any problems!