Two Notes Le Bass
Two Notes Le Bass
Two Notes Le Bass
Two Notes Le Bass
Two Notes Le Bass

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Two Notes Le Bass

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Tube preamp for electric bass with two channelsWith the

Two Notes Le Bass Dual Channel Tube


, the French sound and recording experts from Two Notes present a preamp for electric bass .The two perfectly matched channels of the preamp provide a wide range of sounds that bridge the gap between old and modern


With its wide range of tone control options and extensive connections, the Two Notes Le Bass is the perfect tool for shaping sound in the studio and on stage.

Le BassThe heart of

both channels of the Two Notes Le Bass is


12AX7 tube , which is clearly visible behind the sight glass and gives the preamp great depth of sound with natural warmth and dynamics. The A channel provides a transparent, clean sound with deep bass and lightly supported mids, which is the ideal basis for fast slap attacks and can be fine-tuned with the 2-band tone control .In the B channel , Two Notes Le Bass delivers both a fat old-school rock sound with a creamy overdrive and a modern high-gain distortion for the hard way thanks to the increased gain reserves . The 3-band tone control with semi-parametric midrange allows perfect tuning of the sound character.


white switch on the Two Notes Le Bass control panel switches between "Cold" and "Hot" f

usion.Cold and


fusionA special

feature of the Two Notes Le Bass preamp is


"Fusion" mode , which is activated by pressing both footswitches simultaneously and offers two different modes of operation. The 'Cold Fusion' mode switches both channels of the tube preamp in parallel so that the signal from channel A can be mixed with the signal from channel B to provide greater definition for highly distorted sounds and to maintain pressure at the low end. And in 'Hot Fusion' mode, both channels are cascaded .Channel A is available as a booster for channel B, which increases the pedal's gain reserves immeasurably and invites you to forge brute doom or stoner riffs.

Two Notes Le Bass has serial effect paths, a DI output with speaker simulation and MIDI.

Versatile connection


Notes Le Lead has a serial effect path that can be used to loop further effect devices such as reverb or delay in the signal


In addition, the Thru output allows unprocessed signal to be received directly behind the input jack, while the balanced DI output allows direct connection to mixing consoles or recording equipment. A switchable analogue speaker simulation based on Two Note's popular Torpedo is available, while Ground Lift helps break unwanted noise loops. In addition, Two Notes Le Lead is fully MIDI-compatible so the pedal can be easily integrated into complex stage or studio setups.

Two Notes Le Bass Dual Channel Tube Preamp at a Glance:
  • Dual channel tube preamp for electric bass with 12AX7
  • Versatile bass sounds between vintage and modern sounds
  • Control channel A: Gain, volume, bass, treble
  • Control channel B: Gain, Volume, Bass, Mid, Mid fuzz, Treble, Fusion
  • Cold and hot bleed mode
  • Serial effect path
  • Balanced XLR output with speaker simulation and floor jack
  • MIDI input and output
  • Pass-through output
  • Sturdy metal housing
  • Dimensions: approx. 124 x 189 x 50 mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight: approx. 0.75 kg
  • Mains adapter included
Rated "Excellent" by DelamarTwo
Notes Le Bass download review

Extract: The Two Notes Le Bass is a two-channel tube preamplifier for discerning bass players in any situation. The two channels, which can be combined for more tastes, provide everything from transparent sound to rich, top-level distortion. Separate EQ, gain and volume controls for each channel provide great flexibility. Powerful: On board are headphone outputs with switchable speaker simulation, MIDI connections, DI output (XLR), effects loop and thru output for amp control.

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  • Manufacturer:Two Notes
  • Weight (kg):0.75