Neumann TLM 103 mt studio set
Neumann TLM 103 mt studio set
Neumann TLM 103 mt studio set
Neumann TLM 103 mt studio set
Neumann TLM 103 mt studio set
Neumann TLM 103 mt studio set
Neumann TLM 103 mt studio set
Neumann TLM 103 mt studio set
Neumann TLM 103 mt studio set
Neumann TLM 103 mt studio set


Neumann TLM 103 mt studio set

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TLM 103 is undoubtedly an absolute classic microphone and is predestined for recording vocals and speech.

SoundThe large

diaphragm capsule of the K 103 is based on the K 87 capsule known from the U 67/U 87 microphones.The capsule has a flat frequency response up to approximately 5 kHz and a wide, flat presence gain of 4 dB.

Wide transmission rangeThe


range of the

TLM 103 extends well below 20Hz, making it possible to reproduce even very low-frequency signals. No resonance effects are used to achieve the above-mentioned microphone characteristics, which means that the impulse behaviour is excellent.

As a

result, the TLM 103 is able to transmit the finest details in music and speech unaltered.

Low self-noise

The Neumann TLM 103 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone with a very low noise level. Thanks to its cardioid characteristic, unwanted and incident sound is emitted from behind, guaranteeing a high level of protection against feedback. The entire internal structure is flexibly mounted to protect against the transmission of structure-borne noise.

TLMLThe letters

TLM stand for ''transformerless microphone''. The usual output transformer used in the TLM 103 has been replaced by an electronic circuit which, like the transformer, provides good unbalance suppression.


interference signals acting on the balanced modulation line are suppressed.

Studio setThe TLM

103 mt

studio set

contains the TLM 103 and an EA-1 flexible suspension and is supplied in a high-quality cardboard box.

Features of the TLM 103:
  • Large diaphragm microphone with cardioid polar pattern
  • Pressure gradient transducer with single diaphragm capsule
  • Transformerless circuit
  • Transmission range: 20Hz....20kHz
  • Equivalent noise level, CCIR: 17.5 dB
  • Equivalent noise level, A-weighted: 7 dB-A
  • Signal-to-noise ratio, CCIR (rel. 94 dB SPL): 76.5 dB
  • Signal-to-noise ratio, A-weighted (rel. 94 dB SPL): 87 dB
  • Required connector: XLR3F
  • Weight: approx. 450 g
  • Diameter: 60 mm
  • Length: 132 mm
Scope of delivery:
  • TLM 103, black
  • EA-1 with flexible suspension, black
  • Cardboard packaging (no hard case!).

The TLM 103 is also available in the following versions:

  • Neumann TLM 103 ni with SG-1 tripod joint in a wooden case
  • Neumann TLM 103 mt with SG-1 tripod joint in wooden case
  • Neumann TLM 103 ni Studio-Set with EA1 ni (nickel) in wooden box
  • Neumann TLM 103 mt Mono-Set with EA1 mt (black) in hard case
  • Neumann TLM 103 ni Mono-Set incl. EA1 ni (nickel) in hard case
  • Manufacturer:Neumann
  • Microphone type:True condenser
  • Polar Pattern:Cardioid
  • Frequency range:20Hz - 20kHz
  • Maximum SPL in dB:138
  • Sensitivity (mV/Pa @ 1kHz):23
  • Input:XLR 3 Pole
  • Width (mm):60
  • Depth (mm):60
  • Height (mm):132
  • Weight (kg):0.45
  • Capsule size:Large
  • Mono or stereo:Mono
  • Power supply:48V
  • incl. Accessories:Shock mount
  • Application area:Vocals/instrument