Moog Subsequent 25
Moog Subsequent 25
Moog Subsequent 25
Moog Subsequent 25
Moog Subsequent 25
Moog Subsequent 25
Moog Subsequent 25
Moog Subsequent 25
Moog Subsequent 25
Moog Subsequent 25


Moog Subsequent 25

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The Moog Subsequent 25 mon


or duophonic




is a monophonic or duophonic analogue keyboard synthesiser with 25 keys , which is sonically closer to the Subsequent 37 and combines the clearly laid out Sub Phatty control panel.

Classic MoogTwo

analogue oscillators with crossing waveforms and the typical and popular 'Moog Growl' with hard sync, sub-oscillator and noise generator form the heart of the Moog Subsequent 25. The first sound-shaping instance in this synth is the mixer, which adds harmonic distortion from the centre position upwards and thus modifies the waveforms accordingly. The analogue low-pass filter (a transistor loader) can be switched between 6, 12, 18 and 24 dB and has its own distortion parameter, allowing a wide range of sound changes from soft to hard. Two sharp ADSR envelopes from



25 are permanently assigned to filters and VCAs.

Play with me

!The almost self-explanatory operating concept of the Moog Subsequent 25 together with


velocity-sensitive and touch-capable keyboard create a successful unit for playing rousing bass lines and lead melodies. The 16 memory locations are arranged in four banks of four presets each. In panel mode, all the current presets are searched for, making the Subsequent behave like a uranium synthesiser without the memory locations: you get what you see.

Shift Mode in Moog


25For the

next 25, it is indeed advisable to read the instruction manual. It describes in detail all the global settings and, in particular, all the shift functions , which greatly enhance the functionality of the instrument. Envelope triggering, LFO settings such as range, target and wave modulation tracking, monophonic or duophonic playback, but also the number of filter poles (1-4 at 6dB each) can be switched among others.

Moog Next 25 at a glance:
  • keyboard synthesiser
  • Analog
  • Monophone or duophone playable
  • Two waveform oscillators with cross-fading capability
  • Sub-oscillator
  • Noise generator
  • Powered mixer for more powerful sounds
  • Classic 24dB low-pass filter with distortion
  • Two ADSR envelopes
  • LFO with six waveforms
  • 16 memory locations and panel mode
  • Audio input
  • Control voltage inputs for pitch, gate, filter and volume
Moog Subsequent 25 Synthesizer Hands-On DemoMoog SUBSEQUENT 25 Review, tutorial and patch ideas // SUB 25Moog Subsequent 25 Analogue Synth Demo &amp,- Cirklon MIDI Workout!Advantages:
  • Manufacturer:Moog
  • Construction / Number of Keys:25
  • Velocity sensitive:Yes
  • Aftertouch:Yes
  • Sound Generation:Analog
  • Polyphony:2
  • Number of Sounds:16
  • Number of Knobs:31
  • Number of Keys:13
  • Pitchbend, Modwheel:Pitchbend and Modwheel
  • MIDI Interface:Yes
  • USB MIDI Interface:Yes
  • LINE IN:Yes
  • LINE OUT:Yes
  • Headphone Connection:Yes
  • Volume Pedal Connection:Yes
  • Power Supply:Adapter, internal
  • Width (cm):51.4
  • Height (cm):17.1
  • Depth (cm):37.5
  • Weight (kg):7.48