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An advanced centre for mid-side processing and creative imaging.

MCAudioLab LUNA Vari-Amb is a fully analogue surround processor, and Vari-Amb stands for Variable Ambience. With it you can manipulate the soundscape defined by the two audio channels.

The stereo technique is the first and most popular that comes to mind here, but inside the LUNA processor the audio track is converted into two independent channels called Mid and Side. The Mid-Side technique is often used by sound engineers because of its versatility in keeping separate the two main pieces of information about the stereo image: the source of the sound and its early reflections, which generate the ambient sound.

The LUNA's front panel manipulators are divided into three main sections:

INPUT, ENHANCE and CONTROL. On the left-hand side are several switches that essentially change the signal path inside the processor. The switches are grouped inside the frames.

In the INPUT section there are four knobs as in a standard Mid/Side matrix. The Mid and Side channels are further divided into two knobs: Input and Trim. This topology allows an accurate reproduction of the L/R layout in the M/S technique.

In the ENHANCE section, there are mainly two knobs labelled MONO and DEPTH. Exactly these two knobs form the core of the processor.

MONO and DEPTH simply affect the correlation contained in the Mid and Side information:

Mono amplifies the mono information. In fact, the Mono knob brings the monophonic transmission of the stereo track to the fore.

The Depth knob adds a third dimension to the processed stereo track. For greater versatility, a simple 3-point EQ is available for each Mono and Depth. To the left of each EQ is a switch that reverses the polarity of Mono and Depth. One for each channel.

There are three knobs in the CONTROL section: SWAP, BALANCE and MASTER OUTPUT.

The SWAP (Share With Analog Processor) function allows the Mono and Depth controls to be shared with the internal processor. If, after setting the knobs, the two output channels have different levels, you may wish to balance them using the knob labelled BALANCE.

Next to Balance is the MASTER OUTPUT knob, which is the active master output control, providing gain when set to the right (MAX).

LUNA has two independent insert points: one for the Mid channel and one for the Side channel. Two switches (one for each channel) enhance the unit's insert mode capability. Two LEDs - between the two insert switches - labelled H and L flash simultaneously when the level of the return signal matches the level of the send signal. The unit allows two different input modes: Stereo (L-R) or Mid/Side (M-S) selectable via a switch inside the 'Input' frame.

The (hard) BYPASS switch forces the unit (when switched on) to be cut off from the signal path.

On the rear of the unit are:

- XLR connectors for input signal in L-R or M-S mode.

- XLR connectors providing output in L-R mode only.

- Mid-Side output (post-fader) on 1/4" TRS connector.

- Complete insert matrix for Mid and Side channels on 1/4" TRS connectors.