Make Noise Morphagene
Make Noise Morphagene
Make Noise Morphagene
Make Noise Morphagene
Make Noise Morphagene
Make Noise Morphagene
Make Noise Morphagene
Make Noise Morphagene

Make Noise

Make Noise Morphagene

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Stereo Sampler / Recording and Microsound Module

Make Noise Morphagene is both a stereo sampler , and a recording and microsound module for Eurorack that uses reels , splices and genes to create new sounds. All parameters can be controlled by the CV. The processed sounds, which can be recorded in real time or sampled from an SD card , are partly comparable to an ensemble echo and have a granular character .

Functions of Make Noise Morphagene

The basic functions of Morphagene's quasi-sampler with Make Noise are quickly explained: audio material recorded in real time or recorded on an SD card is buffered on so-called spools, spliced and mixed with the Organize parameter. Vari-Speed manipulates the speed and direction of playback of these samples. The corresponding granular sound is set using Gene-Size and Slide. Genes correspond to a micro-unit of sound and can also be layered and staged using the Morph parameter. Manipulations and overdubs can be combined in iterative compositions into new splices, as recording and playback are independent of each other. Sound is processed in real time thanks to the accumulation of time delays. Morphagene remains in constant contact with the modular system via the envelope after the CV output and the EOSG trigger.

Sounds from SD card

Several sound packages are now available for Make Noise Morphagene, which can be downloaded to an SD card. These include recordings of single instruments, such as pianos or organs, but also longer samples that can be altered with Make Noise Morphagene. A large selection of freely available sound samples can be found here.

A glance at Make Noise Morphagene is all it takes:
  • all sound parameters can be controlled via the control voltage
  • Stereo I/O with automatic input level control
  • the length of a recording roll can be up to 87 seconds
  • up to 99 splices can be created per reel (roll)
  • Reels are stored on an SD card
  • Recording and playback are independent of each other
  • Vari-Speed range 12 semitones up and 26 down, over 3 octaves
  • 24-bit codec, creates 48k and 32-bit WAV files
  • Drums can be saved separately to a computer using an SD card
  • SD card included
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  • Producer:Make Noise
  • TE / HP:20
  • Depth (mm):30
  • + 12 V (mA):165
  • - 12 V (mA):20
  • Delay:Yes
  • Additional effects:Yes
Width 20 TE / HP