KEMPER Profiler Amplifier Head (white)
KEMPER Profiler Amplifier Head (white)
KEMPER Profiler Amplifier Head (white)
KEMPER Profiler Amplifier Head (white)
KEMPER Profiler Amplifier Head (white)
KEMPER Profiler Amplifier Head (white)
KEMPER Profiler Amplifier Head (white)
KEMPER Profiler Amplifier Head (white)
KEMPER Profiler Amplifier Head (white)
KEMPER Profiler Amplifier Head (white)
KEMPER Profiler Amplifier Head (white)
KEMPER Profiler Amplifier Head (white)


KEMPER Profiler Amplifier Head (white)

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Profile amplifier in white
  • 1/4'' (6.35 mm) jack input, unbalanced
  • Alternate input 1/4'' (6.35 mm), balanced with ground
  • XLR return, balanced
  • Monitor output
  • Master Out (jack and XLR)
  • 5-pin DIN Midi connector for In/Out/Thru
  • 2x 6.35 mm Stereo jack for footswitch or expression pedal
  • RL45 mains connector
  • USB 2.0 USB-A and USB-B
  • S/PDIF digital input and output
  • White
In the video: Uwe Bossert from Reamonn about the Kemper profiling amplifier

Kemper profiling at a glance

Over the years, many modelling amplifier manufacturers have tried to recreate the sound of an electric guitar from popular and classic guitar amp models, but never with a result that satisfies everyone. Christoph Kemper introduced a new guitar amplifier to the world in 2012 with an unprecedented approach that leads to extremely authentic guitar sounds: Kemper Prof

iling Amplifier


"Digitally emulate the sound behaviour of any guitar amplifier.

The possibilities of the Profiling Amplifier are therefore almost limitless. If you have found an absolutely brilliant sound for your record in the recording studio, you can capture it with the Kemper Profiler and then play it back at any time on the live site and take it with you everywhere. What's more, you can still sufficiently modify the settings of your guitar amplifier in the unit itself, be it the power overhang of the power amp or even the bias value of the tubes. Even the speaker cabinet - after being analysed by the Kemper Amp - can be replaced.

The endless EQ and gain potentiometers provide the feel of a classic tube amp....... and the easy-to-read display always provides an overview.Analogue amp sound thanks to authentic Kemper profiles

.The revolutionary Kemper Profiling Amp enables


creation and storage of incredibly accurate sound profiles. Kemper Profiling Amp analyses the sound and response of the equipment used and copies the characteristics created by the amplifier, speaker and microphone. Kemper Profiling Amp uses unique measurement techniques and an advanced algorithm to capture the DNA and soul of every guitar amp model, amplifier and speaker combination. Anyone who has tried the Kemper Profiling Amp can only confirm how incredibly authentic the Kemper profiles available in the amp sound - as lively, dynamic and expressive as the original guitar amps themselves.

Separately switchable effects section, including reverb and delay.Everything a guitar sound needs
: Stompboxes, EQs, on-board effects

In the

world of guitar sounds, apart from the pure amp sound, of course, typical guitar effects play an important role, which as a guitarist are usually available in the form of effect pedals, effect cubes or a floorboard. If the Kemper Profiling provides the basic guitar sound, the Kemper Profiling amplifier offers a wide range of guitar effects that can be varied with the high-quality on-board effects of each Kemper Profile. On the one hand, stompbox effects are available in front of the amp section and studio-grade effects behind it - from tone creation to tonal finishing, the entire guitar sound is thus mapped out in the Kemper Profiler. Thanks to the wide range of internal editing options, you can use up to 4 stompbox effects at the same time, EQ, gain, definition, etc., so that the Kemper base profile


no way appears rigid or inflexible.

Ideal for recording electric guitar in the recording studio.

Due to its ability to reproduce any combination of guitar amp, speaker


and microphone, the Kemper Profiler is extremely popular in professional recording studios. The Profiler amplifier is always practical when a guitar part recording is to be subsequently supplemented or replaced during music production.

Recording an

electric guitar recording chain with an amplifier together with a microphone recording in the conventional way is cumbersome and requires working with millimetre precision.

If a studio guitarist is not always available on site - no problem: if he has the profiling amplifier and


Kemper Amp Profile of the original recording chain with him, he can record the new part virtually anywhere


In his home studio, he re-records his electric guitar with the Kemper Profiler and can record the music with his computer. The recording is then sent to the producer as an audio file - job done!

The Profiler is a brilliant tool for anyone who wants to record modern electric guitar in their own recording studio, and live or on stage to always have their best guitar sounds at hand. All you need is the right Kemper Amp Profiles - and these can be created yourself or exchanged with other users via the Internet.

Practicing electric guitar in a rented flat
: full guitar board at room volume!

Unlike a real tube guitar amplifier, the Kemper Profiling Amplifier allows


to play at an adjustable volume without losing sound quality. While tube amplifiers often produce the desired sound only at higher volume levels, the Kemper Profiling Amplifier allows you to play at room volume - whether you want a clean jazz guitar sound or a full heavy metal record! This makes the Kemper amplifier ideal for all guitarists who can only practice at low volume at home - you can plug your headphones directly into the Kemper amplifier and have the perfect guitar sound in your ears. However, also in the home studio, the Kemper profiling amplifier uses its advantages when recording guitar parts.

The right Kemper amp for every

needDepending on your tastes, you can choose between the Kemper Profiler Head White amp shown here and the technically identical Profiler Head ''Black'' version. But depending on your needs, there are even more variants to choose from. If you are travelling with a guitar rack, you will find a Profiler Rack in addition to the Profiler Head version. Both Profiler Head and Profiler Rack versions are available in Power Head and Power Rack versions with an integrated 600-watt power amplifier.

Kemper communityThe range of

functions of the Kemper Profiler amplifier is sensibly expanded through continuous firmware updates, with the developers here responding primarily to Feedback from users. In the meantime, a huge community has grown up around the popular profiler, within which many individual profiles are available in various combinations.

  • Manufacturer:Kemper
  • Design:Lunchbox
  • Connection for External Speaker:No
  • Headphone Connection:6.3mm
  • AUX input:No
  • Effects loop:serial
  • Internal Effects:Yes
  • Connection for Expression Pedal:2x 6.35mm TRS
  • Foot Switch Connection:2x 6.35mm TRS
  • Recording Output:XLR Main L/R, Monitor, Direct
  • MIDI Interface:IN/OUT/THRU, 5-Pin
  • USB Connection:USB 2.0 USB-A, USB-B
  • Length (mm):173
  • Width (mm):378
  • Height (mm):217
  • Weight (kg):5.32