Doepfer A-119 External Input/Envelope Follower
Doepfer A-119 External Input/Envelope Follower
Doepfer A-119 External Input/Envelope Follower


Doepfer A-119 External Input/Envelope Follower

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Introducing the Doepfer A-119 External Input/Envelope Follower - a reliable and versatile device that will expand the possibilities of your music. Whether you're a professional or a passionate musician, this module offers a wide range of applications.

The Doepfer A-119 is an external input and envelope follower module that allows you to connect various external signals and process them further. With this module, you can:

  • Expand your sound: By connecting different sound sources such as a microphone, musical instruments, or external devices, you can achieve new and unique tones. The Doepfer A-119 encourages experimentation and creativity in music creation.
  • Automate your sequences: Utilizing the envelope follower, you can control different sound parameters such as volume or filters based on the dynamics of external signals. This enables you to create rich and dynamic musical sequences.
  • Mix different sound sources: The Doepfer A-119 allows you to connect multiple external signals and mix them together. You can create unique sound combinations, manipulate them, and control their progression in real-time.

As a professional synthesizer module manufacturer, Doepfer ensures the highest quality construction. The A-119 External Input/Envelope Follower module is solid, reliable, and engineered for precision and accuracy. Whether you're an electronic music producer, a stage musician, or an enthusiast, the Doepfer A-119 will meet your expectations and enable you to explore new sound possibilities.