Boss VE-22
Boss VE-22
Boss VE-22
Boss VE-22
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Boss VE-22

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The Boss VE-22 is a vocal processor with 39 effects, harmonization and doubling, 3 customizable footswitches, a microphone input with phantom power, and a looper.

The VE-22 features Vocal Performer technology for vocal processing, delays, reverbs, automatic pitch changing, distortions, lo-fi effects, and voice transformations.

Harmonization and doubling functions allow for creating ensemble effects based on a single voice. Choose the type, key, and adjust harmonization and levels with knobs on the panel. Assign harmonization to the built-in footswitch.

The intuitive interface allows for creative work with live vocals. The Harmonist, Effect, and Echo sections have knobs for parameter adjustment. A color display and knob backlight provide visual control. Three footswitches for hands-free control.

XLR input, built-in preamp for professional microphones, phantom power. Gain switch, sensitivity knob, and level indicator for optimizing the input signal.

USB-C, analog input, headphone output allow using the VE-22 for practice, recording, social media streaming. Connect to a computer/smartphone for DAW work and streaming. Play accompaniment through the VE-22 for warm-ups and performances.

Key features and specifications:
- 39 basic vocal effects: compressor, equalizer, delay, echo, reverb, and many more
- Special effects: lo-fi, distortion, radio, looping, and others
- Automatic pitch correction
- Harmonization and doubling functions
- Intuitive interface
- Bright color LCD display and multifunctional knobs
- 50 professional presets and 99 memory slots
- XLR microphone input with phantom power and microphone sensitivity control
- 2 XLR outputs that can be configured for stereo, dual mono, or processed/dry + dry mode
- USB-C for recording and playback through a computer or mobile device
- Built-in 37-second looper
- 3 customizable large footswitches
- Expression pedal input or up to two external footswitch inputs
- Powered by four AA batteries or an additional AC adapter
- Sampling frequency: 48 kHz
- Dimensions: 218 mm x 143 mm x 64 mm
- Weight: 0.91 kg