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BOSS ME-90 is a guitar effects processor with 97 effects, 11 amp emulations with cabinets, 8 footswitches and an expression pedal, 36 factory patches, a phrase looper, and the option to be powered by batteries.

With an intuitive interface and a powerful effects arsenal, BOSS ME series guitar processors have been helping guitarists craft their sound for over three decades. The ME-90 is the most advanced model in the ME series to date, featuring flagship AIRD amp models, IR loading, effects loops, and much more.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface and wide selection of effects, the ME-90 allows for creating amazing sounds as if you had a huge pedalboard in front of you, but without the hassle of mounting, power distribution, and tangled cables.

The ME-90 features 8 smooth and silent footswitches, as well as an expression pedal. The multicolored LED backlighting of the footswitches helps with orientation during performances. If desired, the illumination of all LEDs can be customized to individual colors for each mode.

The BOSS effects library, borrowed from the flagship GT-1000, offers everything from overdrives and distortions to pitch and modulation effects, delays and reverbs, as well as 11 Pedal FX effects, a looper, and special effects like acoustic simulation and pitch shift - a total of 60 effects, with access to over 20 more effects through the BOSS Tone Studio library.

In addition to effects, the ME-90 includes AIRD amp models that emulate the sound of tube amps. 11 types of built-in amps offer a rich sonic palette - from clean sounds of simple combos to powerful stacks with high gain. Each amp is complemented by a specific cabinet sound for connection to a sound system or recording device, to tailor the sound to your taste.

The BOSS Tone Studio application for macOS and Windows allows for tone editing and swapping some amp and effect types for alternative options. Additionally, you can save and organize patches, load settings to BOSS Tone Central, and exchange patches with the ME-90 community on BOSS Tone Exchange. The ME-90 supports an optional Audio MIDI Bluetooth adapter, enabling wireless music transmission from a mobile device using the dedicated BTS editor app for iOS and Android.

The ME-90 is lighter than previous generation models but maintains the reliability for which the BOSS company is known. The expression pedal has been improved for more precise control. The processor operates on 4 AA batteries or an additional AC adapter. A switch on the rear panel allows for using the processor with a guitar amplifier or a sound system. The USB-C port allows for using the ME-90 as an audio interface for music production on a computer.

Key features and specifications:

  • 24-bit A/D/A conversion and 32-bit floating point data processing at a 48 kHz sampling rate
  • 11 premium-class AIRD amp models
  • Each amp is complemented by a cabinet sound
  • Load 3 user IR cabinets for custom sound tuning
  • 60 effects from the flagship GT-1000 model
  • 36 preset and 36 user patches
  • 8 multifunction footswitches
  • Revised expression pedal with built-in switch
  • BOSS Tone Studio application for macOS and Windows for editing parameters, changing amp and effect models
  • Effects loop for connecting external pedals
  • Additional Bluetooth adapter for streaming music from a mobile device and adjustment using the BTS app for iOS and Android
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries or a power adapter
  • Phrase looper with monophonic recording up to 38 seconds
  • Dimensions 443 x 220 x 67 mm
  • Weight 2.9 kg