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Boss IR-2

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Boss IR-2 is a guitar pedal with 11 amp and cabinet IR models, an effects loop, a headphone output, and model loading via USB-C.

The IR-2 offers 11 premium amplifiers paired with Celestion Digital cabinet impulse responses. Each amp model conveys expressive nuances and the dynamic response of a real amplifier and cabinet. High-quality sound is ensured by advanced DSP, 32-bit floating-point processing, and a 96 kHz sampling rate. If you prefer to use your own cabinet models, you can load them via USB-C and a dedicated app.

You can connect other pedals to the IR-2 input like a regular amplifier or use the effects loop to add modulation, delay, and reverb after the amplifier sound. Playing audio from a computer or mobile device is supported via USB-C, allowing you to jam along to songs from your music library. If you need more than one tone during performances, you can switch between two IR-2 amp/cabinet configurations with a pedal footswitch or an external pedal. Send the sound of your entire rig directly to music recording software via the USB-C port.

Key features and specifications:
- 11 amp and cabinet IR models from Celestion Digital
- 32-bit floating-point processing and 96 kHz sampling
- Simple user interface with volume, gain, bass, mid, and treble controls
- Ambience effect with a dedicated control knob
- Mono input and stereo outputs
- Mono/stereo loop for connecting external effects
- USB-C for audio recording and playback from a computer or mobile device
- Headphone output
- Switching between two amp/cabinet tones with a footswitch or external pedal
- IR-2 IR Loader app (macOS/Windows) for loading cabinet models
- Independent on/off control for amp and cabinet sections
- Approximate battery life of 6LR61 battery: 3.5 hours
- Dimensions: 73 x 129 x 59 mm
- Weight: 450 g