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Black Corporation Rachael

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Rachael is a ring modulator extension module for Yamaha CS80-inspired Deckard's Voice, but can also be used independently as a stand-alone VCO/LFO and ultra flexible envelope.

Rachael's possibiliies easily exceed those of the original CS-80 ring modulator, which only featured an AD envelope and didn't have CV-possibilities.

This high-quality 14 HP module can not only act as a ring modulator for an external signal (either with the internal oscillator or a second external signal) but also as an envelope or stand-alone oscillator. The VCO offers three waveforms (sine, CS80 sawtooth, pulse) and can also function as an LFO (far into the audible range). In addition, it can be individually patched, just like the ring modulator signal and the envelope (EG). The latter one offers full patch control through individual CV inputs for all four ADSR stages! Conveniently, the Depth control of the ring modulator can also be controlled via CV and provides finely graduated, detailed sound progressions that will delight not only Blade Runner enthusiasts.


  • Analog ring modulator inspired by the Yamaha CS80.
  • Complement to the Black Corporation Deckard's Voice
  • Operation also possible without Deckard's Voice.
  • VCO with three waveforms (sine, CSaw, pulse)
  • LFO/VCO is normalized to the Ref In of the ring modulator
  • ADSR envelope
  • CV inputs for all individual ADSR stages