Arturia MicroFreak
Arturia MicroFreak
Arturia MicroFreak
Arturia MicroFreak
Arturia MicroFreak
Arturia MicroFreak
Arturia MicroFreak
Arturia MicroFreak
Arturia MicroFreak
Arturia MicroFreak
Arturia MicroFreak
Arturia MicroFreak


Arturia MicroFreak

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Arturia MicroFreak is a hybrid

digital-analogue synthesiser

with different oscillator models and


capacitive touch keyboard controller and vocoder function. This compact instrument is the result of a collaboration between Arturia and Mutable Instruments and includes eleven different digital synthesis models, such as Karplus Strong , Wavetable , FM, Waveshaper , Grain or Chords. These models are undoubtedly Mutable Instruments. Here especially Plaits oscillator from Eurorack. The tone generator is followed by a 12dB analogue multi-mode filter, which corresponds to


Oberheim SEM VCF.

Vocoder function

the latest operating system (2.1 and above) Microfreak gets a 16-band vocoder as a main function! If you already have Microfreak, you can find the update on the Arturia homepage. An optional gooseneck microphone is available that simply plugs into the instrument. Specially for Vocoder, the sound generation has been extended to include savtooth, square and noise to best reproduce classic vocoder sounds. Using the Timbre and Shape controls, the behaviour of the 16 frequency bands can be adjusted. The possibilities go far beyond typical robotic speech. The 16 new presets give an insight into what the instrument is capable of. For example, a three-voice chord oder, a string sound, especially with the integration of an arpeggiator open up a previously unattainable range of sounds. The headphone socket on the instrument is a TRRS socket, such as those used on mobile phones and their headsets. Connect a microphone here, and you can optionally plug in an adapter that provides an audio input. Plug in a drum machine here, and the synthesised drums from 'Members or Mayday - Sonic Empire' will find their way into your own music.

Movement!Two envelopes are used to alter the sorgen sound alongside the BPM-synchronised LFO - one classically maintained in an ADS structure, the other functions alternatively as an A/D envelope, and can be looped oder acting in the style of an edge generator. The range of movements is complemented by a modulation matrix that prominently displays sources and destinations. Aids to the game include an arpeggiator, sequencer and an extravagant 25-key capacitive touch keyboard, which additionally outputs CV, Gate and Pressure via separate sockets.Arturia MicroFreak at a glance:
  • Hybrid digital-analogue synthesiser
  • Capacitive keyboard with 25 keys
  • 14 different oscillator models, including Mutable Instruments Plaits models
  • Noise Engineering oscillator
  • Wavetables user oscillator
  • Monophonic oder Paraphonic up to four voices
  • Analogue Oberheim SEM Filter
  • 16-band vocoder
  • Modulation matrix
  • ADSR envelope
  • Contour generator with looping capability
  • Various voice modes
  • Arpeggiator
  • Sequencer
  • Touch control
  • 256 memory locations
  • 2 memory location patterns
  • 64 step length steps
  • CV/Gate/Pressure outputs
  • Manufacturer:Arturia
  • Construction / Number of Keys:25
  • Aftertouch:Yes
  • Sound Generation:Digital
  • Polyphony:1
  • Number of Sounds:320
  • Arpeggiator:Yes
  • Number of Knobs:20
  • Number of Keys:13
  • Pitchbend, Modwheel:Ribbon Controller
  • Display:Yes
  • Mounting Options:MIDI Step Sequencer
  • MIDI Interface:Yes
  • USB MIDI Interface:Yes
  • LINE OUT:Yes
  • Headphone Connection:Yes
  • Power Supply:Adapter, external
  • incl. Power Adapter:Yes
  • Width (cm):31.1
  • Height (cm):5.5
  • Depth (cm):23.3
  • Weight (kg):1.02