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Roland JUPITER-Xm is a digital synthesizer with a 37-note dynamic keyboard, modeling vintage Roland synthesizers, 4 synthesizer parts and 1 drum part, I-Arpeggio function, Bluetooth, and battery operation.

The compact and highly versatile JUPITER-Xm brings classic analog and digital sounds of past eras into the modern world, combining them with advanced synthesis technologies and expansion capabilities.

At the core of JUPITER-Xm is the powerful ZEN-Core processor, capable of accurately recreating iconic Roland synthesizers. You gain access to a variety of tones, including JUPITER-8, JUNO-106, SH-101, vintage XV-5080, RD piano, and TR-808, TR-909 drum machines, and more.

The versatile configuration with 4 synthesizer and 1 drum part allows for creating complex layered patches or splitting the keyboard between different tones. The I-Arpeggio function uses AI algorithms to generate inspiring accompanying basslines, drums, and arpeggios based on your playing.

A natural workflow is ensured with a large number of knobs, sliders, and buttons for intuitive sound control. An informative display and convenient effects section provide full control over patches.

JUPITER-Xm operates for hours on batteries, has powerful Bluetooth speakers, can wirelessly connect to computers, tablets, and more. The sturdy metal housing withstands intensive use in the studio and on stage.

JUPITER-Xm is infinitely expandable. You can add the latest synthesizer emulations as they are released, share patches with other JUPITER users, and integrate JUPITER-Xm into the ZENOLOGY software platform for even greater flexibility.

Key features and specifications:
- 37-note keyboard with velocity sensitivity
- Powerful ZEN-Core sound processor, allowing for recreating classic analog and digital Roland synthesizer sounds like JUPITER-8, JUNO-106, SH-101, and many more
- Up to 4 synthesizer parts plus a separate drum part, allowing for layering and keyboard splitting
- AI-based I-Arpeggio function generates accompanying basslines, drums, and arpeggios based on your playing
- Portable thanks to compact size and battery operation
- Numerous manual controls and buttons for detailed sound control
- Expandable system with the ability to add new sound models
- Support for wireless Bluetooth connection to computers, tablets, speakers
- Durable metal housing designed for intensive use
- 4000 preset tones, 512 user tones, 90 drum kits
- 93 types of multi-effects, 8 types of reverb, 5 types of delay, 5 types of chorus, as well as overdrive and equalizers
- Amplifier output power 4W x 2
- Dimensions 576 x 308 x 93 mm
- Weight 4.4 kg